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WOW this is all new to me Fibromyalgia
I used LJ WAY back when they first started...I don't even know how long ago that was. I was one of the very first users. Back when there were maybe 100 people...HA!! It sure has changed. Anyway about the title....Fibro is not new...this format is new. I quit using LJ 5 years ago. Thank God they saved it for me cuz this is really cool. So I put Fibro in the title cuz I want to talk about that. Well, I rather talk about something more interesting but for now..I'm having problems and it seems like it would behoove me to compare notes. so I will write this and then see if there is a community I can plug it into.
SPRAINS-OMG I am having sprains all the time-terrible painful sprains...anywhere, anytime, just from exerting a muscle a little or a lot. It's just ridiculous. These sprains can go on for days, but not weeks like a real sprain. Just days and then they disappear. That's how I know it's from Fibro. I had to put a thick layer of athletic tape on 2 of my fingers for 2 days almost like a cast, they were so painful I could not even sleep. Sometimes I get sprains in my legs..mostly I get them in my legs and have to use a cane. could be my feet, or an arm or a shoulder. Arms and shoulders are bad bc there's not much I can do to make them feel better.
Other symptoms are not so bothersome...well yeah..being sleepy. But do you ever feel like water is splashing on your legs and you look down and omg there is no water no nothin. SO WIERD!! And my neck and shoulders are always tight, tired and painful to the touch. And I am so sensitive to cold. Really funny since I am always hot. But when I try to get into the pool the coldness of it is actually quite painful.
LOS DROGAS (hahaha..don't even know the spelling really) DRUGS I take 300mg Gabapentin twice a day. That's for my Fibro AND Arthritis. I think...The same DR treats me for both. Now that I'm thinking about it I just assumed it was for both....If not then I'm not taking anything for Fibro, but I think it's for both. That's all My Rheumatologist has prescribed. I take a lot of other drugs, but not for Fibro.

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